Look out world I’m on a roll…

Molli Lowry

Week 7

I made a promise to myself yesterday that I would work to get caught back up on my blog over the next week, and so that is exactly what I am doing….

I love photographing this man, and I must say that I love, love, love these images.

"my model, again"

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Amelia Earhart


Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane…

Molli Lowry Photography

Week 6

I know, I know, in my last post I said I was back on track with my weekly blog, and then POOF, life got in the way again (in the best ways I might add). In an effort to obtain some momentum, and maybe even get caught back up, I will save my words for tomorrow’s post (yep, you read that right) and share a few images that provide a small glimpse into my amazing existence…


Molli Lowry Photography

Only dead fish go with the flow… unknown

Molli Lowry Photography

Molli Lowry Photography

Molli Lowry Photography

Molli Lowry Photography

It’s official, I have completely lost my blogging mojo…

Denver, Colorado
“Denver, Colorado”

Week 5

Last week came and went and my blog sat untouched. Nothing posted, nothing added. I have no explanation for this and absolutely zero valid excuses come to mind. There were several images that were worthy of posting, I spent more than a few hours editing old images using my new & improved editing skills, but I honestly just procrastinated.

Molli Lowry Photography
“Just a fat little finch”

I think what it comes down to is that I thrive when I have to hold myself accountable to do something each and every single day (this most likely stems from my work in recovery). I think I assumed that I would be able to make a fairly easy transition to doing something 52 times rather than 365. Wrong.

Despite recent failures I will continue to attempt my weekly postings and stay hopeful that I can muster the discipline to get year two complete!

The two images above were snapped this week. The images below won’t be new to those who followed my blog during year one, but are favorites from this week’s batch of re-edits.

Molli Lowry Photography
“My gorgeous sister”

“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway…” unknown


Enjoy life now. This is not a rehearsal.

Week 4

Somehow I managed to capture nearly 4,000 photographs last week. Some of those images were taken while practicing a new portrait technique, a couple thousand more I snapped while shooting a race, an additional hundred or so were grabbed while looking for new session locations, and the final few, just a handful, were captured on a back-yard deck in a suburban neighborhood, they are images that I snapped with no planning or preparation, no thought to potential background clutter, time of day, shadows or posing. Of all of last week’s photos those final few are my favorites, and the above image is the best of the bunch.

As I’m typically someone who enjoys sharing the stories behind my images just as much as I enjoy sharing my photography, I will admit that I find myself in somewhat unfamiliar territory today. Try as I may (2 days and 17 drafts), I am left without words. I’m completely unable to find my voice, and I can think only that perhaps, perhaps the story behind this image just isn’t mine to tell…

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words…” Destin Sparks



Magic is something you make…

Molli Lowry Photography

Week 3 – Ambience

While working through year one of my blog I attempted a wide-variety of Photography techniques. I suppose I figured if I was going to snap a photo every single day for an entire year that I may as well make those images interesting, and I may as well pick up a few tricks along the way. So over the course of the first year of my project I tried my hand at water refraction Photography, water droplet Photography, HDR Photography, low-key Photography, high-key Photography, high-speed Photography, motion blur Photography, B & W Photography, and my most favorite (yet certainly not my best) levitation Photography.

Molli Lowry Photography, levitation photography

Levitation images are beautiful! They draw the viewer in to consider what’s happening in the image, and sustain that interest as the viewer tries to determine how it was done.

Molli Lowry Photography, levitation photography

Of course it’s all an illusion, but, in my opinion anyway, levitation Photography is one of the coolest techniques out there. For the images of my hubby shot out on the water, my goal was to create an image that stood in stark contrast to the ambience of the location selected. The images I shot of myself were taken on a whim so the ambience of the location didn’t really play into what I was trying to capture. I must give big props to my hubby for standing in a pond on a ladder in a sport coat…

Molli Lowry Photography, levitation photography

“I don’t like to say that I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life…” unknown

Molli Lowry Photography, levitation photography